Designing a dream interior for your business

Designing a dream interior for your business

We all want a dream interior for our business that’s straight out of a magazine.

So, you walked into a hotel while on holiday and the lounge is simply put; to die for. It’s love at first sight. The colour combinations, the prints and (oh, yes) the furniture; it all comes together so perfectly that it takes your breath way. And all you can think, while you start taking pictures from every possible angle, is that is exactly the style and vibe that you want for your own business! You can totally recreate this design yourself.

But then you get back home and you’re seriously wondering how, in the name of Ray Eames, you’re going to reinvent the same look and feel for your business. Here’s the thing to know; in a well-designed, gorgeous interior every detail is in synergy: the architecture of the space, it’s purpose, the colours, the style…they’re in picture-perfect harmony. Because when they’re not, there ain’t gonna be magic, darling …

Analyse an interior

The question is why does one interior design style appeal to you while the other doesn’t? And even if you know the answer, how do you apply it? Well, it‘s more about the vibe you get off of a space, than what you see with your eyes. When you “feel” an interior design that does appeal to you; it’s time to analyse.

Would you like to give it a try?

Choose a space that you love.  It can a restaurant, a hotel suite or a luxury home. You can do this while you’re in the space itself or you can find an image on, for example, Pinterest or an interior design magazine.

How does your dream interior make you feel?

What feeling does the space evoke in you? Warm, cosy, glamorous, tropical, retro … try to connect a word here. Remember, we’re talking about your dream interior so it’s most likely going to be a positive feeling.

Which elements give you this feeling?

This is when you should you start to look around you. What specifically is giving you this feeling? Now pay attention to the combination of colours, the type of furniture and accessories. Prints and wallpaper also determine how the room feels. For example, if there’s a wallpaper with Arabic influences on it then chances are that the room evokes a Middle Eastern feel. Also adornments such as paintings, vases or bowls can complement the overall ambiance of the space.

Looking around your space; is everything in harmony or is there dissonance? Maybe everything is sweet and in pastel hues but that bright blue velvet cocktail armchair is out of step. Well, it’s precisely such a dissonant (a thing not in harmony) that can also be very exciting in a room!

Look at the colours

Broaden your view. How many colours are being used and what are they? Are the colours similar, such as different shades of blue, or are they more contrasting? Next look carefully at how much each colour is used. Is there a main colour? Which colour comes next? How often is each colour used and how far apart are they within the space?

Look at the layout

Take a look at the layout of the space and the arrangement of the furniture, is it playful or modern? Overstuffed or spatial? Are there carpets that connect the furniture together? What’s happening on the walls and ceiling?

Which lines and surfaces are there?

Now let’s take it a step further by going through all the stuff and looking for lines and surfaces. This may sound somewhat abstract, but this will help you to analyse the basics. Try to see the space as a flat surface and look for connecting lines between tables, chairs, cupboards, side tables, wall cladding, floor. If there are many diagonals, the space will feel more crowded and restless. If there are many parallel or right-angled lines, the space will feel more consistent.

What can you do to create your dream interior?

Have you managed to view your dream interior from the inside out? Then you now have the formula to do it yourself! If you apply all the elements correctly, then the ambience that you find so cool will come together automatically. Be consistent here. It doesn’t mean that you literally copy everything from that space. If you hold onto too much of your dream image you will be disappointed because your space might be a different shape and the windows and doors are in different places. Make it your own interpertation using the tools you just learned. Pay attention to your quantity per colour, its balance, the “language” of the stuff you put in and your composition.

View your space as a blank canvas waiting for you to paint a master piece.

Have you discoverd WHY you like your dream interior? Now make this dream a reality for your business!

Need help?

Are you finding it difficult to go it alone or do you simply not have enough time? Contact us today! We’ll make your dream a reality.