Why you should choose a quirky interior

Why you should choose a quirky interior

Do you run your business the same way your neighbour does? Same menu, same uniforms, same? Of course not!

You and your company are unique and you want to be true to yourself, because you know; that’s how you get noticed. You can also do this with your interior. In fact, if you don’t, your company will not become one with your mission. We’ll teach you here what to look out for to develop your own interior style and not to look like the rest.

Design a quirky interior step 1

Do not follow trends. They are often boring and predictable and you create the same interior as the rest.
B-O-R-I-N-G …. Of course you can choose things that you just love.

Design a quirky interior step 2

Determine your colour palette. You will distinguish yourself with colour. Unique colour combinations lead to unique interiors. This is the most important step of all four. Do you find colours difficult or exciting?

Design a quirky interior step 3

Find stores where they do not sell mainstream stuff. Many stores follow the trends. Not a good place to buy your stuff. But where then? Visit vintage stores and online sites that sell second hand design furniture. You can find really nice things for very little money. You have to be able to see potential in stuff to transform them into a beautiful piece of furniture, a unique lamp or beautiful rug. For example by painting or spraying them or combining them with something new.

Design a quirky interior step 4

Our best tip for a quirky interior is to design things specifically for your interior. If you don’t know where to start, work with an interior designer and a furniture maker for your interior. That way you can have everything custom made, with the material that you find beautiful. Especially for business projects such as hotel interiors or restaurants, bespoke furniture is very nice. Be BOLD Interiors has a network of professionals to create the quirky interior for you.

Be bold, have a quirky interior. This means daring to let go of trends and to see what your interior style really is. Look at how you run your business, your clothing style; what does it look like? Be BOLD Interior Design will incorporate your personal style, like you’ve done with your business and let your interior shine.