Artistic & Chic interior design

Artistic & Chic interior design

You want an artistic and chic interior design, but how do you go about creating it? Which accessories, colours and balance will you need for this?

You’ve just signed the paper work with your realtor. That new villa is yours! Whether it’s your second home on the Costa Blanca or a lovely shack on the Dutch heath, you want it to be a wonderful home. For a while now you’ve been busy with how you want your new interior to look and your eye keeps wandering to pictures with artistic interiors. You like art, big gestures because … you are BOLD!

How to you create an artistic chic interior

The elements you choose are stylish, fit well together and have a quirky touch and luxurious look. Below your step by step path to an artistically chic interior.

Dare to think big

Within an artistic interior you can make big statements. Columns with beautiful images on it. Large canvases on the wall. Tapestries in your stairwell. Old columns with dramatic bouquets on it. All these elements will give the room grandeur.

Super-sized artwork in your hallway instead of a grand piano. Because let’s be honest, are you really going to play the piano in the stairwell …? No. So bye, white grand piano out, hello, beautiful artwork. Goodbye mundane chicness, welcome artistic touch!

For an artistically chic interior you have to choose items with a luxurious look. For example:  because you can see how much work went in it or through the quality of the materials. You might find a beautiful table with inlaid mother-of-pearl. Or a throw made of special fabrics for your settee.

Create balance

In an artistic interior it often seems that with everything is permitted and possible. A bit of this, a bit of that. Nice and crazy. Nothing is less true. Are we strict? Yes.

Every well-thought-out interior design has balance. You want your villa to be more than the sum of beautiful things. By creating balance in your interior design, unity is created. But beware; unity certainly does not mean boring!

With balance we mean that all elements are so connected that together they form a beautiful interior. Sometimes a thing is a bit louder than the other things, which is softened by a plain coloured wallpaper. Large, small, hard, soft, repeating colours in the right compositions ….

Imagine yourself as a painter who applies the right tones. Does your interior, for example, become too heavy at a certain point, for example because of excessive gestures? Then move items.

Dare to be different

An artistic interior is particularly distinguished by guts. By setting yourself up differently, an interior is created that is unique. You see things that another does not see.

This takes time and effort. You will train yourself to stop listening to the crowd, you will train yourself to look at the world differently. This way you will see things that will benefit you for  your entire life and therefore also for your interior design.

You are going to follow your heart and dare to be yourself!

circle gold art on wall artistic chic interior design costa blanca

Sheila Hicks Ford Foundation mural Photo Thom Ortiz

Be creative

Because you train yourself to think differently, you become more and more creative. You see possibilities that you did not see at first. You will get better at this. Mind my words!

So it may be that you will come across materials that everyone says are very strange to put on a wall, but you’re just going to do it. Sometimes it works, sometimes not, but in any case it will take you further. Experiment!

Ginger and Jagger gold and white CACTUS table artistic chic interior design costa blanca

Coffee table by Ginger and Jagger

Choose colour

With a chic interior is often thought of muted colours. Beige, taupe, silver, white tones. WHY?!

We’re often told that our interiors are so chic, despite all the colour. And with an artisticchic interior you are allowed to use colour!

Bold statements, also in colour, can give your interior a luxurious touch. Combine it with beautiful metallics, preferably gold.

Make sure you choose a good colour palette.

circle gold art on wall artistic chic interior design costa blanca

Art by Marie José Gustave

Choose luxe materials

If you want a chic interior, you cannot escape choosing beautiful, luxurious materials. Beautiful marble, beautiful rich fabrics, mother-of-pearl, luxurious woods. You can incorporate these in your furniture.

Add vintage items

Vintage items will give your interior that artistic touch. They have earned their spurs. Have a nice armchair from the fifties re-carpeted with fabric of today. This way it will fit seamlessly into your new interior.

It's all in the details

Create beautiful collections of stuff. Choose old stuff, things that you have collected over the years, a children’s drawing combined with artworks.

wood objects on marble artistic chic interior design costa blanca

Woodwork by Ariele Alasko

Choose an eclectic interior

By creating exceptional combinations, an artistic feel is created. A modern image of an artist on an old woven carpet from Nepal. Beautiful antique chains in a composition on modern wallpaper.

As with all our interiors, we plead for an eclectic approach, but one that is in complete balance and not a hodgepodge. Our interiors stand for colour balance and challenge within your interior. But also a place where you feel comfortable, find inspired and can unwind.

Where you can be yourself!

A great many clients ask us; how do I create unity? Why is it that the elements themselves are good, but it does not become a whole? And where do I find all those nice knick knacks?! It’s the art of the overall design and then making choices.