Why white is killing your interior

Why white is killing your interior

We were looking on Pinterest for images for a boutique hotel project, so that we could illustrate how we think about the use of colour. And then it struck us again. Our vision of (largely) omitting white in your interior is clearly reflected on Pinterest.

Take a look with us. If you search on Pinterest for – blue wall – you get this:

pinterset blue wall search hotel restaurant business interior design costa blanca

What do you notice?

Take a look at the walls. Okay, we were looking for blue walls, so yes, the walls are blue. How many pictures do you see where you also see white walls? And how much  the blue wall covers the whole picture? Right, almost all of them. And there’s a reason for that!

The omission of white creates unity, warmth, peace and depth in a space. We like to look at images that radiate peace and unity, something Pinterest has understood! Look again. Do you see it? Cool, right?

Don’t we also like to look at spaces that are in balance? Actually applying colours and extending them into a space is a big step for many people. Combining the right colours is also difficult to do. So people play safe with white. The threshold is high to take the brush and paint ALL the walls. And the ceiling. And the floor. While it’s so easy to pick up that paint brush again if the result is disappointing. But it won’t disappoint, trust us.

A coloured wall combined with white makes your interior messy.

Colours carried throughout your interior create balance.

Which colour suits you and your business? Are you brave enough to do it or do you need a helping hand? Be BOLD Interiors will make your Hotel, Restaurant or Business, Pinterest worthy. Not that that is an end in and of itself of course. But it does mean that you then you’ll have a kick ass interior and people will see you as an example. And your images go viral. And that kind of is the point, right?