14 Tips to create a boutique hotel interior design style in your home

14 Tips to create a boutique hotel interior design style in your home

A beautiful boutique hotel represents pure, unadulterated luxury. It’s no wonder that so many of us look to achieve that boutique hotel look when designing our homes. In this article you’ll discover how to create a luxury hotel interior in your home. We’ll teach you which elements are essential in your interior to turn your home into a boutique hotel.

1. Choose an interior design style and stick to it

When creating you Boutique Hotel interior design style, it is important that you don’t mix everything up. Don’t combine a Japanese dining screen, for a bit of glamour, with a farm style bench, and oh yes, also a modern cupboard.

By the consistent implementation of one interior design style, your homes will get that boutique hotel look.

A clear example of using one interior design style, is the Great Gatsby style that was used for one of the boutique hotel rooms at De Librije.

Boutique Hotel interior design Costa Blanca Librije hotel room Vanilla bed

2. Choose a strict colour palette

Determine in advance which colours you want to use and then stick to your choice! A strict colour palette gives a space strength and boldness. The more daring you’re able to be with your choice in colour palette, the more ‘hotel-ish’ it gets!

But are you now thinking; yes great, but how? Which colours work together nicely and how does it become a unified design and not just a carnival? A moodbook is a good way to map this out.

Here you can read our vision about why white is killing for your interior design.

Moodboard red, white and blue interior Boutique Hotel interior design Costa Blanca

3. The type of materials determine the mood

By choosing rich materials and luxurious fabrics such as satin, velvet and velour, you stay away from styles such as rural or industrial. So go all out on combining these materials, it is exactly what will give your interior a rich and luxurious feel. The following rule applies:

more is more and less is poor!

But be careful; combine it with care!

Moodboard blue, purple, gold Boutique Hotel Interior Design Costa Blanca

4. Have (built-in) cabinets in smart locations

The last thing you want is for everyone to be able to see all your “stuff” everywhere. Neither do you, after all you want a boutique hotel interior!

Look around your home for places where you can create areas to place this “stuff” neatly behind a door. For our customers we design custom cabinets or built-in cupboards, so that everything you want out of sight can be stored in a beautiful way.

These cabinets become part of your interior and therefore do not have to be boring! We love to design beautiful doors with nice knobs or handles.

5. Create beautiful places for your collections

By implementing point 4 well, the stage had been set for all your beautiful collections, knickknacks and art. Because of this they’re going to sparkle and will be displayed beautifully.

Make special shelves on the wall or have a cupboard designed for your collection of Chinese porcelain!

6. Create balance in your interior

Something we watch for in every interior project is balance.

The balance between colour, material and structure. Between style and mood. If it is out of balance your interior will be too boring, too busy, too ordinary.

And no way do we want that!

For the right balance to exist in your interior you have to look closely at what is happening in the room. Which colours are repeated where and where did we use what designs?

7. Creating the right layout for your boutique hotel room feeling

Think about how you use your home, but also take a step off of the beaten track that you may have been walking in your life.

Think more about nooks; a writing corner where you can place a beautiful sideboard with vintage desk chair, giving you the space to start writing that poetry bundle.

Boutique Hotel Interior Design Costa Blanca Librijes hotel Kardoen blue seating area blue

8. Green creates a homey feeling

Even though we’re creating a boutique hotel feel, it’s still your home!

Plants and flowers make you feel at home. In addition, plants are great decor pieces that can contribute beautifully when creating a style. When creating a hotel room style choose large plants, such as palms, a tobacco plant and use large pots that match the rest in terms of colour and style.

Keep the pot simple and unobtrusive. Your designs are already evident in items such as the upholstery of your sofa or the curtains. (the balance, remember ?!)

9. Create drama with the right lighting plan

Create drama in your interior.

When creating a boutique hotel atmosphere in your interior, you should play with the lighting. Draw attention to that beautiful art collection or place a soft tone through a velvet lampshade in your newly created writing nook. Give your attention to both the base and the lamp shade.

Lamps are a nice way to work on balance in your interior. Just go for a striking base and shade to give your home a little more spice. Is it already busy? Then choose a somewhat understated lamp.

10. Don't forget the floor

The floor forms a large part of your interior which is why it’s a major determining factor in the look and feel of your interior design. To create chic look, for example, choose a dark Hungarian herringbone, a Versaille floor or a beautiful colour marble. Even shiny carpets will do well on your beautiful floor.

Whatever floor you choose depends on the rest of the design. Is it already quite dark? Then use that by continuing the darker for a somewhat heavier effect or choose a lighter floor as a juxtaposition.

Have you already installed your floor already and do you want to keep it? Then look how you can decorate the rest of your interior to create balance.

herringbone, marble, versaille flooring Boutique Hotel Interior Design Costa Blanca

11. "Gold in my interior? No, that's really not for us..."

Add bling. The lighting will pick up on those highlights, which will make your interior twinkle.

Our opinion? Choose gold instead of silver. Gold is a much warmer colour and fits better with most other colours.

Our customers often get scared when we come up with gold. Then we show them how gold is a very warm component and when they see how it also can be used, they often become fans. Gold can give the entire interior a lift.

Use it, but do it in moderation. 
This makes it stylish and not vulgar.

12. Won't it become too crowded with all these different patterns?

People are often too worried that mixing and matching designs creates a busy interior. By doing it (yet again) correctly and keeping an eye on that balance, your interior will have more “zest”. Especially for hotels and restaurants we like to apply different patterns, after all you want to be a bit surprised!

13. Something old, something new...

.. something borrowed, something blue! 

Don’t step into one store and buy your entire interior there. For the Boutique Hotel style you work with one style, but that does not mean that all your items need to be new.

14. Half the race is won by having the right wallpaper

Wallpaper, wallpaper, wallpaper!
Choose a wallpaper with rich designs. Which one you choose depends entirely on which tone you want to set in your interior.

Librije hotel room Pinksterbloem bed by Costa Blanca interior design studio


To create the Hotel Boutique style in YOUR interior choose one style and carry it through consistently. Choose a bold and sleek colour palette and use rich fabrics such as velvet and satin.

Get started with a Boutique Hotel style in your interior!

Does it sound great, but you don’t have a clue where you should start creating a hotel feel or which colours suit you? Do you find it a little intimidating to apply a lot of colour but do you think it might be really cool?

We work daily on putting together exciting colour combinations and BOLD interiors for our customers and can help you find the right look for your interior.