Colourful & Bold Architectural Design in Calpe, Costa Blanca

Colourful & Bold Architectural Design in Calpe, Costa Blanca

Now that you’re living the Second Home Mediterranean lifestyle, you’ll love going on the road, soaking up the Spanish sun and seeing new stuff. We are also here to inspire you with architectural and interior design mini trips for the Costa Blanca!

Today we like you to get to know the talented Spanish architect, Ricardo Bofill. A true artist using lots of colour in his buildings. WE LOVE!


Recently, I (Ingrid) flew over from The Netherlands to the Costa Blanca to team up with Ghita in our Spanish office. We had a lot of good meetings for our interior design business with architects, investors and property sellers.

Because of a busy life with our design business and also being a mom, I spent an extra day on the Costa Blanca for some me-time, just to relax and get inspired by the beauty of the area. So on Saturday, when business was done, I took my car and went on a little inspiration trip. Let’s go!

I headed to Calpe, a lovely village on the seafront. You can immediately feel the pleasantness of the Mediterranean life here. You experience the blue water with sandy white beaches, the eternal sun and the salty scent of the sea. Calpe is a lovely seaside town to live a Second Home Mediterranean Lifestyle.


After visiting the pleasant historic centre I went to the inspiring buildings by architect Ricardo Bofill.

La Murala Roja was built in1972 and is adapted to its location; a steep coast. This structure was founded in 1972 and the architecture is adapted to the topography of the steep coasts where it is located.

The structure of the building reminds me of the aesthetics of the architecture of the Mediterranean tradition; terraces, corridors, patios and stairs that are connected to each other such as an extension of the inhabited interior spaces.

It is just so incredible that a mind can make buildings like this! Wonder if he had Sketchup back then 😉

The use of the red, pink and blue colours also arouses my attention, very special in contrast with the landscape and natural light. It makes my colour loving heart jump up and down!


Across from La Murala Roja is another amazing building by Ricardo Bofill: Xanadú. It was built between 1966 and 1968 and is an architectural experimental prototype “city-garden”.

This TOTALLY GREEN building consists of various heights and levels that are connected to each other by stairs and ramps.

All these various layers, arches and balconies together have the castle as a reference. However they also seem to compete with the Penon de Ifach, the characteristic rock that protrudes far into the sea on the coast of Calpe!


The third building in Calpe of Bofill is El Anfiteatro. This complex, constructed between 1983 and 1985, forms 27 luxury homes. Together they share a pool that occupies the space used as the “stage” in the Greek tradition and extends to the cliff framing the landscape.

We love his work, it is so well thought out. Simple and elegant at the same time, a killer combo if you ask us!

So, are you ready to live your well-deserved second home Mediterranean lifestyle? Pack your bags and head for Calpe!

If you like to learn more about Ricado Bofills work or see more images, have a look HERE.