What a luxury interior designer can do for you

What a luxury interior designer can do for you

Creating magic

At Be Bold Interiors, your Costa Blanca luxury interior designer, we believe in the magic of a beautiful and thoughtful interior. We bring out the power of your home and listen carefully to what you have in mind. We are happy to surprise you with our designs.


No concept, No glory

We love concepts. In fact; we can’t do without them. We begin with a well thought out concept and then work to develop all our choices more in depth. We spend quite some time getting this right. It is the basis of your new overall plan and without a strong concept, there would be no distinctive and personal interior.

The great thing about creating a new interior design is that you can think about everything down to the last detail. The better everything comes together, the more everything fits. And you will feel that balance! People often do not realize it consciously, but because there is a good concept behind it and everything is right, you feel at home and at ease.

3 pillows in earth tones by Costa Blanca luxury interior designer

We start at the beginning

But before we create such a concept, it is of course of great importance that we understand you! How does your company work? What vision do you have? Or for a residential home; who lives in your house and how is life lived? For example: are people working from home or are there certain hobbies that require special spaces? Think of a studio, an orangery where you can express your love of tropical plants, or enjoy a workout in a luxury fitness room! Or maybe you enjoy relaxing in your private wellness spa? We design it all!

So, we talk extensively about what your ideas are, but what does this mean for you? How do we go about creating a unique and pleasant interior for you?

What blueprint is going to work for you and your way of life?

blue and earth color mood board by Costa Blanca luxury interior designer

I could never have imagined this myself

You often have your preferences for certain interior styles. You like modern and not Victorian; you go for art instead of kitsch. You may like silver, but not gold. Natural materials you can do without, a little pop is allowed!

Yet we are all often stuck in our ways. You might see something you would never do yourself. Or dare! Because that is often how it is. You can’t see it. Yet.

We love to get our customers out of their comfort zone and show you things that you at first may have to get used to, but later you proudly show off to your best friend! Or how about when your guests post about your hotel or restaurant, that they’ve never seen anything like it and you give your competitors a run for their money.

Which is why the best compliment we can receive is: “I could never have envisioned this myself, thank you”

3 pink sofas, in pink living room by Costa Blanca luxury interior designer

There is a BOLD solution for every room

Are you still finding it difficult to choose and determine what suits you? We understand that, there is so much beauty. At Be Bold Interiors, your Costa Blanca luxury interior designer, we are here to help you!

To make it clear we have set up four styles that we excel at:

  • Totally Bold
  • Ibiza Bold
  • Berber Bold
  • Cosmopolitan Bold

Read more about our styles here.

But of course, you don’t have to fit exactly in one of these styles, you are unique after all!

Together we will look at what makes you happy and what fits you as a person or how you can best position your company. We also look at the architecture and history of the building; do you have an old finca? Then maybe we should first look at a good layout for your new home! Read more about the need for a good floorplan here.

boutique hotel room in pink and white by Costa Blanca luxury interior designer

A beautiful luxury interior? Let's go!

In short, we will work hard for you. We do all our projects with passion and precision and believe in customized solutions. No trends, no copy-paste, but unique interiors that exactly match you or your company. And an interior you can use for years to come.

In the meantime, are you curious how we do this? Or would you like to see what we can do?

With offices in both the Netherlands and Spain, we are always close to where you are. Let’s have coffee!

Ingrid van der Veen and Ghita Bolder Costa Blanca luxe interieurontwerper
Art piece black eye, white books, candles on marble bookshelf by Costa Blanca luxury interior designer