Your personal home interior styling

Your personal home interior styling

Getting there!

After the bathroom has been installed, the kitchen completed, the right colours are on your walls and your walk-in closet is just begging for you to try it out today; there is just have one more important and absolutely necessary step to take.Β A step that will really make you feel at home and that sets the tone and brings to life the interior style that you’ve been aiming for. So, what is it? Go live in it ?! Yes, almost…!

We are already satisfied with the colour palette, how amazingly beautiful the new floor is and yet … it needs an extra sparkle. With that Sparkle, we will make your home feel wonderfully luxurious, personal and liveable for you.

home interior styling pink wall behind green sofa and white coffee table

When the magic happens

After the hardware has been installed, we ensure that your home receives the perfect personal home interior styling! This is when the magic happens: every single time. We love this step, it makes us so happy. And you’ll love it too: guaranteed.

Styling your home with the most beautiful things will make your new home come to life. Together we look at what suits you.Β Do you like modern art, do you collect Chinese porcelain or are you passionate about travel? Based on your story and personal taste, we ensure that the home is now fully balanced: colour, textures and style. This is why styling is essential. The wow of a brick-red cushion with fringes on the couch. The painting or the beautiful water carafes that you brought back with you from Morocco. All these accessories which are a part of the life you’ve lived, will come to life in the interior.

home interior styling table setting with horse

Which home interior styling do we choose?

Good question; what will make your villa dazzling? In the first place your own accessories, your preferences, your passions. But also which style suits you.Β Be Bold Interiors specializes in four interior styles. This way we can help everyone with a beautiful interior and we can of course also design everything for you.

Do you like a little glamour? If you do we’ll choose luxury and stylish materials and accessories with some bling bling to complement your entire interior. You can choose to be over the top or very subtle. Would you like to have more influences from nature? We achieve this with natural shades, but also brighter colour accents can just give the right touch in your home. A few beautiful vases of flowers that anchor the wall or a cupboard to the rest of the design.

home interior styling metal vases

You are probably consciously choosing to go live on the Costa Blanca or have you bought a second home there. The sea and the Costa Blanca lifestyle is a beautiful source of inspiration for an interior, to translate it in colors and materials, but also for home interior styling. Here you can read more about Mediterranean interior styling.

home interior styling checkered wall with picture of masked woman and masks on table

Killing your darlings

We are here for you, trust us.

We regularly experience that homeowners find it difficult to not have certain personal items displayed in a prominent place in their new home. We listen and take your views into consideration while also guarding the uniform style of your home. Your grandmother’s antique bowls are beautiful, but they may not fit in with the new modern kitchen but would perhaps flourish with wonderful towels and soaps in your bathroom!

Be open to your new home and it will truly surprise you.

home interior styling blue plates
Ibiza Interior Design of yellow mediterranean house with blue door and window