Be Bold, be italic
but never be regular

At Be Bold Interiors we believe that there is a beautiful and unique solution for every space.
To keep it simple; we have listed four of our main styles that we excel at. And of course we are up to any creative challenge that you have for us.


Ibiza Idyllic

Get ready for Ibiza Style interior 2.0. Nowadays ‘Ibiza Style’ is a well-known trend and has been carried out and copied time after time. Since our working area is mainly around the Mediterranean sea we cannot deny the demand for light beachy houses with natural materials.

We have deconstructed the Ibiza style as it is, kept the most important elements and built it up again our way. What is created is a bright mix of lively colours and sunny materials that make you smile even before you enter the room.

Also the outside area –which is just as important as the inside- is in good hands with us. We create beautiful outdoor spaces that give you the feeling that you’re on holiday and never want to leave!

Chinoise Chic

Strong in colour and shape: Chinoise Chic is characterised by a fearless but balanced palette of colours, materials and prints.

Always with a good hint of luxury, which is our signature style. Chinoise Chic is not shy but brave and even a little cheeky. With bold combinations and elegant compositions our designs are balanced to the last detail.

Do you dare to hand over everything, resulting in a killer interior? Precisely by letting us do our design work, we can make the magic happen for you. We understand this takes courage. But the reward will be triple!

Berber Bold

This style is inspired by the Moorish empire and lends itself perfectly to experimenting with lively colours and shapes.

We use repetition and the gestalt principles of similarity and closure to create a visual pathway for the eye. Arches are often repeated on the doorways, walls and windows. Another characteristic of Moorish architecture is the use of abstract geometric patterns as a decorative element, which we will certainly use while designing your new interior.

We only have to think of all the beautiful hand painted mosaic tiles designed by real craftsmen, and we cannot wait to pick them together with you. To top it off we make your Berber interior unique by designing bespoke items such as lamps, furniture and even pillows!

Modern Mood

We'll give your interior that special and sophisticated touch while emphasizing a modern sensibility. Our modern designs have clean lines and are without fuss, yet they feel comfortable and cozy.

The beauty of our modern mood design is that it is at once contemporary and warm, elegant, and functional.

We use the exact amount of colours and materials to make a space feel unique. To finish it off, we give thoughtful detail to your space by styling it with the most beautiful accessories.