Your (holiday) home furniture package on the Costa Blanca

Your (holiday) home furniture package on the Costa Blanca

At Be Bold Interiors, we are always looking for ways to make our service even better for our clients. We often receive the question of whether we can supply a ready-made furniture package on the Costa Blanca. Many of our clients live and work in a different location than on the Costa Blanca and make their second home available for holiday rental. And because they don’t have time to take care of the interior of their house or apartment or because they simply do not know where to start, they prefer to call in the help of a professional. With the furniture packages that we offer, combined with our experience as interior designers, you can easily furnish your home in style.

Having a customized interior plan made costs time and money. We understand that this isn’t always the best way to go, especially when it comes to a rental home. In addition, rental properties must also take into account various other important factors such as hard-wearing materials; think of fabrics that are easy to remove to prevent permanent staining or beds that can bear a lot of weight. The furniture packages that we offer are well thought through and meet all of the above requirements so that they can be used in any home and for any circumstance.

Your (holiday) home furniture package on the Costa Blanca is available in various styles, sizes and prices. And because we live by the Mediterranean sea, we can imagine that you would enjoy for your home to have a Mediterranean feel. If that sounds like you, you could opt for the furniture package “Boho Bold”. But maybe, you prefer a modern style, then the “Modern Bold” package is for you. The sizes vary from S to XL. To give you an idea: small would be for a two-room apartment and XL for a spacious villa with 4 bedrooms.

We are not a furniture store, but designers of total concepts. We have put together several beautiful selections so all you have to do, is choose which style suits you best. Of course, there you have the option of switching items within your furniture package. Don’t like the table? Then together we’ll find you a different one!

A furniture package always consists of furnishings for a living room with sofas, armchairs and side tables, a dining room with table and chairs and complete furnishings for the bedrooms. It also comes equipped with appropriate lighting for each room.

Window coverings are another determining factor in your home. If desired, the package can be extended to include custom window coverings such as curtains, roller blinds or Venetian blinds.

Be Bold Interiors furniture package on the Costa Blanca _azul modern style living room

We would not be Be Bold if we did not provide our furniture packages with beautiful accessories such as vases and rugs, and we’ll also give you extensive color advice. Ultimately, you don’t want an unhospitable room with just furniture, but a lovely room that radiates balance, peace and cosiness. Is your house already (partially) furnished? No problem! We’ll help you with the layout and decide whether you should move or maybe replace certain items to make it better.

Would you like to to include your terrace in your makeover? We’ve got you covered! We have also created a great selection for your exterior space. Just ask us about the option and maybe find some inspiration on our Instagram or Facebook page.

What sets us apart from other furniture package providers is that we as interior designers, look at the total design and atmosphere. We don’t just supply furniture, but also wallpaper and the colour numbers to paint your walls. This creates a home where you and your tenants can enjoy and relax. You can also have your furniture package ‘customized’ for your home.

Are you curious about what our furniture packages look like? Then get in touch with us and we will take you on an interior design adventure!

We are your one-stop-shop with everything you need to furnish your (holiday) home on the Costa Blanca!