Designing the logo, menu’s and website for your restaurant or business on the Costa Blanca

Designing the logo, menu’s and website for your restaurant or business on the Costa Blanca

Not only do we design beautiful interiors, but we can also design the branding for your business on the Costa Blanca. Which means that our design studio can create a logo, menu, magazine, website or any other graphic elements that you need for your business. In this way, the image you want to propagate for your company is fully utilized.

How cool would it be if your new interior and corporate identity match? For example, through a specially designed wallpaper or carpet with a pattern of your logo? We have the skills and experience to match your graphic appearance with the interior so that your guests, even when they open the menu, imagine themselves in a different world. Your world.

Zero Zero Restaurant en bedrijf ontwerp huisstijl van logo, menu, visitekaartjes, cadeaubon

Here you see the amazing restaurant Zero Zero Altea for whom we designed a new logo, website, business cards, gift voucher and a lot of other branding in and around the restaurant. The menus have a wooden cover with the logo lasered out. The drink menus have a leather cover. Above the entrance we placed the logo in thick bronze letters. Also, we managed the art direction to have the ambiance and the dishes shot by a professional photographer for the website.

Restaurant Zero Zero inganghuisstijl voorbeeld aan de Costa Blanca

The use of graphic elements in an interior can lift a space to a higher level

A second group for who we design beautiful interior and graphic things are owners of a (holiday) home. Nowadays, to just have a home and rent it out is not enough. There are dozens of websites with holiday homes so if you want to distinguish yourself from the rest and keep the place rented out you need to have your property and branding looking good.

We had the pleasure to design the complete branding and website for holiday home Bon Casita. The home has a lovely Mediterranean vibe and we wanted to communicate this ambiance through the visual branding.

Bon Casita Costa Blanca ontwerp visitekaartje en zakelijke huisstijl

We think that this combination of interior and graphic design can only result in true eye candy!

Did you know that besides the branding we also provide furniture packages for your holiday home? Keep reading our posts for more information about this service. Can’t wait? Get in touch with us! We’d love to tell you about the possibilities.