Interior Design and Renovations

Interior Design and Renovations

Did you know that we don’t only do entire interior design overhauls but we also interior design renovations and remodels for individual spaces in our clients’ homes? Nothing breathes fresh air into your home like having a stunning new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or (outdoor) living area.

living room Interior Design and Renovations Costa Blanca

With over 4 years of experience as a kitchen designer for a renowned Dutch kitchen brand, Ghita knows how to combine form with function. We are always up to date on the newest technology and materials. In our state of the art workshop, we have the best machines and craftsmen to produce your dream kitchen! Let the cooking begin!

Kitchen Interior Design and Renovations Costa Blanca

In terms of decorating, you might not think of the bathroom as the most interesting room in the house. But a stylish, well-decorated bathroom can make a big statement, and some little twists can add a major wow factor to an otherwise boring space and creating the ultimate haven for relaxation. The best thing about working on the Costa Blanca is that it lends itself perfectly to blending with other interior cultures.

Btahroom Interior Design and Renovations Costa Blanca
One of our core beliefs is that everyone deserves to live in an incredible space. Your home should not only look amazing, but it should be a reflection of your personality and style. It should function in a way that works with how you want to live your life.

Especially the outdoor living area is particularly suitable for a little experimenting. Don’t go for the usual! We have a wide range of suppliers with a series of beautiful furniture that will fit amazingly on your Berber or Ibiza style terrace.

We love incorporating custom details into the design to make the spaces in your home really stand out. Have you ever thought about using leather in the kitchen or wallpaper in the bathroom? We cannot stop talking about it!

Are you ready for the adventure of creating the home that you’ve always dreamed of? Let’s meet for coffee (or a cup of tea or a glass of wine) and we will guide you through the possibilities for Interior Design and Renovations on the Costa Blanca.