Designing your dream kitchen

Designing your dream kitchen

Home is where the heart is and the heart of any home is the kitchen. Your kitchen sets the tone for the entire house. And while having a functional and beautiful kitchen is important, equally important is that it’s a space that everyone enjoys being in. It’s where you can turn cooking into a pleasurable and inspiring activity. It’s where you can feed and entertain your family and friends, or just hang out. But what if your kitchen is so drab that you only visit it because it happens to be the place where your fridge lives?

Marble Island Kitchen Design Renovation Costa Blanca

No worries, we’ve got you covered! Whether you’re starting over in your current space, planning for an extension, or new construction; we are here to help you plan your perfect space. Be Bold Interiors is a full-service kitchen design studio on the Costa Blanca with years of experience in kitchen design, its own state of the art workshop and craftsmen.

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When designing your ideal kitchen we start the process by finding out how you use your kitchen or (if you now stop by to visit your lonely fridge) we’ll discover how you envision life in your dream kitchen. And because your kitchen is the heart of your home we pay special attention to the big picture; how does the kitchen relate to adjacent rooms. We will create flow and balance to ensure that it is indeed everyone’s favourite place in your home.

Wood and white New Kitchen Design Costa Blanca

Our next ingredient in creating your perfect kitchen design is deciding what the ideal layout would be for you. Are you someone who likes to cook elaborate meals or is your cooktop the least used appliance? Do you need a separate space for activities like juicing, baking, or making coffee? One of the most important considerations in any kitchen is storage and then what type of storage you need. Do you like to have a large pantry full of every ingredient you could possibly need when culinary inspiration strikes? Or is it important to you to have a large refrigerator for fresh produce? Do you want a kitchen island with bar seating? Is a wine fridge a must-have? Or do you dream of floating shelves where you can display your favourite china and have easy access to dishes when plating meals? We will offer advice on everything from your countertops and storage solutions to the more practical elements like choosing lighting and flooring. We’ll find out whatever it is that will make you fall in love with your kitchen and take all this information, which is unique to your lifestyle and home, and create the perfect layout.

Pink and white Colourful Kitchen Design Costa Blanca

With the layout planned, it’s time to decide what materials to use. The materials and finishes you choose for your kitchen will ultimately dictate the look and feel of the room. And of course, you know what colours you like and you’ve probably thought about what type of countertop or backsplash you’d like to have. But if you are going to invest in renovating your kitchen, or building it from scratch, you not only want your new kitchen to beautiful but it also has to have longevity. Which means using high-quality materials that can withstand the test of time. Luckily, we work with amazing suppliers who offer well-known materials such as soapstone and marble but also some materials and equipment that you’ve probably never even heard of, but that will blow your mind.

Classic Modern Kitchen Design Costa Blanca

Are you as excited about your new space as we are? Let Be Bold Interiors make your kitchen the heart of your home. Our kitchen design studio with a team of skilled specialists and craftsmen provide complete design, consultation, and installation services to help make your dream kitchen come to life.