BEFORE & AFTER | A kitchen renovation project in Altea

BEFORE & AFTER | A kitchen renovation project in Altea

Let’s talk a little about a recent kitchen renovation project we did in Altea. Because not only do we design, style, and install new kitchens and bathrooms, through our construction and project management, we supervise large and small renovations from A to Z. This means that, after designing your new interior, we put together a team for the implementation that will take care of the realization. We work together with professionals such as contractors, painters, plumbers, electricians, and custom interior builders and decide on a project by project basis which specialty trades we should involve for each project.

What’s cooking? For clients in Altea, we recently renovated the living room and installed a new kitchen in their luxury holiday apartment. They needed a full kitchen renovation and their living room was calling out for a makeover. The customer really wanted to have more natural daylight come into the kitchen and to integrate the kitchen more into the living room.

Kitchen renovation before

To make this a reality, we first demolished part of the non-load-bearing kitchen wall, which gave us a larger floor space for the kitchen. Then we took down the suspended kitchen ceiling giving the room more height. The marble floor was then broken open so we could lay new water and electricity pipes to accommodate the kitchen island.

Kitchen renovation wall demo

But we didn’t stop there! We stripped the tiles off the walls, levelled them out, and then treated them with microcement, which is a durable and decorative cement-based coating mixed with synthetic resin, additives, and mineral pigments. And voila, we’ve created natural looking walls that have a wonderful Mediterranean and playful feel to them. Of course, the microcement had to be applied by a professional because microcement is applied in several layers and must be sanded down after drying to remove any stains or imperfections and to keep it looking smooth. To freshen up the entire house, we painted the rest of the walls and ceilings in the same colour as the microcement.

Kitchen renovation using Microcement

The next and very satisfying step was to rip out and replace all the builder grade PVC white window and door frames (which seem to be everywhere in Spain) and replace them with cool-looking black steel frames for a robust look.

In the kitchen, living room and hallway, we integrated beautiful recessed spotlights into the ceiling so that the only visible detail of the spotlight is the light itself.

And after all that kitchen renovation work, we had created a larger space for their beautiful dream kitchen. The cooking island is to die for, there’s better flow and the main living space feels spacious. We placed floating shelves and LED lighting along the entire left wall and we extended it all the way through to their small coffee corner.

Kitchen renovation collage

We fitted the kitchen is with JΓΊcar oak fronts, a delicious thick Silestone countertop, and of course, fully equipped it with luxury appliances brands such as Bosch and Bora. And then last but certainly not least, the most essential detail of all: we installed the Liebherr integrated wine cooler. That’s right. Because everyone knows it’s nearly impossible to relish the view of the Mediterranean from your luxury holiday apartment without a perfectly chilled glass of wine. And yes, that’s just the kind of design studio we are: we care about getting it right and we pay attention to the details.

kitchen renovation wine bar

So, if you’re dreaming of a new kitchen or any other kind of renovation, you know what to do. Contact the design team that knows perfection is in the details.