Give your home a natural vibe with limewash!

Give your home a natural vibe with limewash!

If you are like most of us you want where you live to look and feel beautiful. A place to be proud of when welcoming friends and family. A peaceful oasis for you and your loved ones to call home. So how do interior designers go about creating this? Keep reading and find out.

Lime wash Kitchen interior designers The Farm by ht designfiles

First off, we have to say that as interior designers, we love to work with natural materials. And limewash is one of them! The material and the traditional painting methods are centuries old and but it still feels as fresh and contemporary today as when the first Egyptian Interior Designer thought of using it to coat a wall. Genius! And we couldn’t love it more.

mauve limewash walls and velvet chair by Interior Designers Bauwerk

Image credit: Bauwerk

Limewash. So, yes, it’s practically been around since the dawn of time. From King Tutankhamun’s tomb in Egypt and the temples of Mesopotamia to the Acropolis of Ancient Greece and the Colosseum in Rome, those ancient humans used lime-based chalk and plaster, mortar, and stucco to create monuments that have gracefully stood the test of time. Due to the natural pigments in the lime retaining their colour (while non-organic or synthetic paints tend to lose their colour) these monuments.

Bauwerk_interior designers natural limewash colour swatches

Natural limewash colour swatches – Image credit: Bauwerk

Contrary to popular belief, limewash is not a painting technique – it is just a different type kind of paint. And the even better news is that it is actually a more eco-friendly paint than your average paint product.

Dark purple limewash wall by Bauwerk interior designers

Image credit: Bauwerk

Why do we like limewash? It is a natural, environmentally friendly paint. Broken limestone is burned and “quenched” with water to form a kind of paste or putty. The paste is aged, diluted with water and a mineral pigment is added for colour. And voilΓ , we have limewash. A breathable paint that allows moisture to escape and cures by filtering carbon dioxide from the air. Whilst curing, calcium carbonate crystals form, giving the surface a unique clarity and transparency when light hits it.

Natural Limewash walls Interior Designers The Farm by the Design files

And due to the many ways you can apply it, limewash can be used in almost any interior. Consider, for example, a breezy Ibizenca home or a Mediterranean finca in light tones. Or how about a Moroccan decor with a dark purple or blue application? Or maybe a black variant in a more contemporary setting?

Table with nutral lamp and vases by Interior Designers Rose & grey

Image credit: Rose & Grey

Limewash paint is a budget-friendly alternative to microcement, the wall finish we used in this kitchen renovation in Altea.

Interior designers kitchen renovation Altea Costa Blanca

A very important detail is to apply this paint to a perfectly finished wall. For example, re-plastered or treated with at least two layers of good quality primer. Sometimes uneven spots on a wall haven’t been smoothed out and the limewash paint will react differently in these places than on the rest of the wall, no matter how many layers you apply.

Used properly, limewash through its subtle texture or its earthy tones will add character to your space, creating that feeling of serenity and calm for your home.

Header image credit: Fenton & Fenton x Bauwerk