Ibiza Interior Design

Ibiza Interior Design

Ibiza Interior Design 2.0; the BOLD way

First I want you to join us for a little history class. The architecture of the classic rural house of Ibiza, also known as the Ibizan finca, has been studied and copied by many people in history. What they found was a building style and an Ibiza interior design that had hardly changed over the centuries; and they don’t even know exactly when the first houses were built this way.

By lack of culturally and economically involvement of the mainland, the inhabitants of Ibiza needed to use local recourses and knowledge when it came to constructing house, and that’s how the traditional ‘Ibiza Style Houses’ like everybody knows them nowadays were born.

3 Ibiza Interior Design Margot tiles

Margot, a jewel glass waterjet mosaic, is shown in Emerald

There are some very important iconic elements that need to be taken in consideration when constructing or deconstructing a villa in Ibizan style. Practical, functional and simplified are three essentials that we always want to keep in mind. When deconstructing or renovating an existing finca or barn we try to maintain as much as possible from the original structure and materials. Authentic materials you will find in old Ibiza fincas are ancient stone walls, walls from concrete which are white plastered, Sabina beams for the ceiling and iroko frames for window and doors.

woman walking past blue, pink and peach Ibiza Interior Design tiles

Tiles from our Ibiza Bold Collection

Now that you know more about the history of Ibizan architecture, I want you to follow me into this century and how we are going to lift your Ibiza villa to the next level.

green and black embossed Ibiza Interior Design Skull

Because there are so few ‘rules’ for the rest of the interior, we use this as a beautiful starting point to combine some bold elements, making the Ibiza interior design more eclectic and more of this century. We will apply more colours than only white. Our belief is that the use of colour in the interior will connect the outside with the inside. Why use only white when you live in such a colourful environment?

pink bathtub in bohemian Ibiza Interior Design style bathroom

We work with the most amazing furniture and upholstering, and for the wet areas such as toilets and bathrooms we have fabulous handmade tiling, which makes you feel like you never want to leave the room. Everywhere you look there is something happening. But every single detail is in balance.

blown coloured glass Ibiza Interior Design ceiling lamps

Lamps from our Ibiza Bold Collection

Like every good Ibiza interior design you will get the feeling that you are entering into another world and you can relax and wonder around in your own Ibiza BOLD style.

view of ocean and palm trees from Ibiza Interior Design Pool